School of Love Together-mess — Kin Families, an art laboratory

A collective and critical look at the nuclear family and (un)existing alternatives.

SA 27.04 19:00

Join SOL for a moment of sharing after a week long work session in BUDA (Kortrijk).

School of Love and 9 other artists embark on a critical examination of the traditional nuclear family concept and will develop ideas, practices, rebellions, and skills for the emergence of kin families.

They will look into specific cases of kin families and study their experience of the void in structural support. Further, they will research existing systems of mutuality and commoning from other fields, which can serve as inspiration. At the same time, as always in SOL’s activities, they will begin with situated knowledge and practices of the participants that stem primarily from their personal history, feelings and life anecdotes. They will then utilize
philosophical, political, academic literature and concepts to contextualize what emerges
within a broader societal frame.

School Of Love (SOL) is a collective based in Brussels. Members of SOL have various artistic backgrounds, such as performance, dance, visual arts, teaching, participative practices, anthropology and music.They develop collective artistic practices, which invite people to explore ways and skills of being and acting together. They do this by approaching love as a mode of engagement in political and social spheres, rather than only as a personal  matter. Love carries qualities of embodied attention and emotional availability, it's more than a feeling: it’s a choice, a practice, an intention.

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