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The Hickey Underworld + PEUK


The Hickey Underworld + PEUK

WE 14.06.2023 20:00

Brand new guitar violence from the north of Belgium.

The Hickey Underworld are back! The Antwerp-based band had been on hiatus since 2016, but brand new music means a brand new tour. Once named Humo's Rock Rally winner, the band managed to bridge the gap between rock and metal with a refreshingly fiery result on their first album Future Words. On stage, expect an explosion of loud and infectious riffs, relentless noise and spicy screams. And aren’t we looking forward to their 2023 take on that!

Limburg trio Peuk enjoy putting a layer of tar on your soul, and their sounds are as addictive as nicotine. Short puffs, long drags, thrumming melodies, take a hit chasing the next rush of alternative punk.