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Tarek Lakhrissi Bright Heart — Out of the Blue — Hard to Love


Tarek Lakhrissi Bright Heart — Out of the Blue — Hard to Love

SA 10.06.2023 19:30 BE premiere

Three films traversing questions of layered identities, refuge and queer futurity.

The screening will be followed by a conversation between Tarek Lakhrissi and Yasmina Reggad (in French).


Bright Heart, 2022, 14’ (BE première)

A young man called Jahid flees in the night from a dangerous biker and takes refuge in a strangely calm museum. Inside, he encounters atypical characters and extraordinary events. Throughout this initiation journey, Jahid confronts the improbable and goes through an exploration of beauty, political awareness as well as surrounding danger.

In French, with English subtitles
Produced by MALFAME, co-produced by la Maison Populaire and Beursschouwburg
picture by Plateau Digi


Out of the Blue, 2019, 13’

Tarek Lakhrissi’s futuristic narrative Out of the Blue takes place at a radical moment in time, when a politically conservative era is suddenly coming to an end. Lakhrissi avoids traditional apocalyptic narratives to meditate instead on the nature of transition itself. In the final scene, the film’s central character delivers a thoughtful speech exploring ideas of freedom and liberty, self-determination and queer futurity.


Hard to Love, 2017, 5’

Hard to Love is the first experimental video directed by the artist. It talks about the hard relationship between a lover and three different languages: French, English and Arabic. Quoting Cedric Fauq “The integration, we learn with Tarek Lakhrissi, is also the condition of feeling unable to be desired, to be loved, ultimately asking : How does one escape the stigma of colonialism and xenophobia when it comes to loving someone, being loved, and loving oneself? ‘Hard to love’ suggests that exhausting the language of the oppressor might be a possible exit.”


Tarek Lakhrissi is a French artist and poet with a background in literature who explores sociopolitical narratives and speculative situations of transformation and magic through text, film, installation and performance.