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Tumbleweed #1 The kindness of strangers


Tumbleweed #1 The kindness of strangers

WE 06.12.2017 20:30

Graduation films by young filmmakers! Hosted by Christina Stuhlberger.

We are beginning a brand-new series, and its name is Tumbleweed. During the five-year residency of our artistic associate Christina Stuhlberger, each year we will be showing recent graduation films by young filmmakers working in and around Brussels. The Tumbleweed programme delves into the wealth of the Belgian film and art scene, and offers a meeting and conversation space for everyone who has a soft spot for the medium of film. The films will be screened together with and alongside ‘older’ works from around the whole world. The only prerequisite is mutual affinity.

In the first Tumbleweed edition, we bring together a selection of mesmerizing short films that operate within the realm of poetic documentary. The selected works explore encounters, connections, and desires unimpressed by the distances and differences that separate one from the other.

For this programme, we selected recent (graduation) films by young Belgium-based filmmakers and combined them with works from the Singaporean filmmaker collective 13 Little Pictures. This young collective operates outside traditional funding schemes and is bound by the spirit of collaboration to create films with distinctive directorial visions. The screening will be followed by a conversation with the filmmakers including Daniel Hui from 13 Little Pictures.

☞ Programme Tumbleweed #1: The Kindness of Strangers

The words of others
by Myrthe Baptist
2017, 8 min

by Sherman Ong
2010, 10 min

by Eva Giolo
2016, 5 min

Carry On
by Mieriën Coppens
2017, 12 min

Animal Sprits
by Daniel Hui
2013, 8 min

En ik ren rond op zoek naar broers
by Hannah Bailliu
2016, 17 min


Tumbleweed is a biannual film programme that focuses on works by young Belgian artists and filmmakers.