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Open Doors

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Open Doors

guided tour
SA 02.12.2023 14:00

Discover Beursschouwburg's secrets! Bilingual guided tour in FR/LSFB and NL/VGT.

Welkom! Bienvenue ! Welcome!

What is it with this beurs..schouw..burg?
Why is the name so complicated to pronounce?
What happens on the rooftop?
And why are there so many doors and entries?
Who works at the Beursschouwburg?
What is the Beursschouwburg’s connection to the city centre?
Who comes to the Beursschouwburg? And what makes this place special?

Join us to (re)discover Beursschouwburg … during a unique tour of the building and its (secret) spaces!

This is a warm invitation to roam through Beursschouwburg and have a conversation with its team.
Warm drinks and a nice veggie lunch will set you off for the rest of your Saturday!

The tour will be held in FR/NL and translated into VGT & LSFB.
There is an elevator for those with reduced mobility.
No registration needed, but you can send us an email if you have any questions or specific needs.

The tour is organised as part of Disability Week, an initiative by the City of Brussels to raise awareness of validism and universal accessibility among the widest possible audience.