Dis Mon Nom on friendship


Dis Mon Nom on friendship

conversation workshop karaoke
SA 20.04 19:00

Discussing, thinking and singing about the diversity and power of friendship.

Best friends, distant friends, work and play friends, little or lots of friends, comrades in arms, party buddies, allies and frenemies, chosen families or casual besties – friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. All of these different friendships and how they affect our experiences and identities add up to a significant social phenomenon.

And yet, friendship is hardly ever studied. It remains surprisingly absent from knowledge institutions and cultural or political events (often shaded by romantic love or family ties).

The curatorial collective Dis Mon Nom wants to change that. Their goal is to host a multi-day friendship festival in the future. For now, it is to gather you and all of your pals to come and think, talk and workshop about friendship.

And just to spark the festival imagination, let us not forget an important detail: friendship karaoke!!!!!


Dis Mon Nom is a nomadic curatorial platform that organises exhibitions, conversations, performances and encounters. Founded by Déborah Claire and Erell Hemmer, both photographers and curators, Dis Mon Nom offers a retort to an overly visual (art) world that still tends to exclude certain identities and bodies. By means of intersectional, feminist and inclusive collaborations with artists, institutions and other cultural players, Dis Mon Nom calls these things by their names. Because to name them is to make them exist.



visual by | Johan Poezevara