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Mya Lee + Deïja


Mya Lee + Deïja

FR 08.03 20:00

Two rising R&B voices from Liège for International Women*'s Rights Day.

At the crossroads of RnB and film scores, Mya Lee sings, produces and writes a strange alternative pop that is both rhythmic and dreamy. If we can easily pick up her influences, the final product remains a hybrid and indefinable music whose visual universe is inspired by pop and an Afrofuturist cyberpunk world. The Belgian artist released her first single ‘Tonight's the Night’ in December, a way to mark and celebrate her first show at the Reflektor, a legendary concert venue of her hometown Liège as a laureate of the Premières Scènes new artist program.


Deïja is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter of Congolese and Italian descent from Liège. She received her Soul and R&B education at a young age from her mother – also a singer-songwriter – fostering a natural passion for music. This led to her own musical debut in 2022 with the release of Jolie, her first track, a mix of old school R&B and edgy new influences. Deïja flows between languages the way she flows between genres, combining French and English with melancholy yet committed lyrics. After several showcase concerts in 2023 (including at Tarmac and Les Ardentes) and the release of her first EP 222 in February, we can't imagine a better time than International Women's Day to get up close and personal with this strong new voice.