Loraine Furter Whispering Pages & Interrogation Hearts


Loraine Furter Whispering Pages & Interrogation Hearts

SA 27.04 10:00 - 18:00

A gathering around subversive and empowering publishing stories from the past, present and future.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, and a deep breath out through your mouth... In a few breaths we will meet in a parallel space-time in which we can share and dream stories of empowerment through publishing, in an expanded understanding of the term, including oral transmission and hybrid~cyborg formats.·՞ ՟ ՚

From (micro-)typography to editorial structures. From gossip to public speech. From ghostwriting to collective pamphlets.

Detailed programme coming soon!


This collective moment is organized as part of the research project “The politics of publishing: researching encounters between artists’ books and intersectional feminist tools” which addresses artists’ books and the politics of publishing, creating forms to remember overlooked histories in this field, through a critical design approach which includes feminist tools. The project materializes in a series of hybrid publications (paper, digital, spatial, oral) that re·activate objects and histories and re·circulate them.


Organized by Loraine Furter, graphic designer and researcher supported by the PHD program for research in the arts at Sint Lucas Antwerp, UAntwerp & ARIA. Loraine is a graphic designer and a teacher, specialized in hybrid publishing and in love with subversive anti-hegemonic practices. She co-founded the cyber-feminist collective Just For the Record, the typography research group Bye Bye Binary and the project Intersections of Care.


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