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Lander & Adriaan + Dushime


Lander & Adriaan + Dushime

FR 29.04.2022 20:00

Take (half) your clothes off and dance!

20:00 doors
20:30 Dushime
21:30 Lander & Adriaan

Keyboardist Adriaan Van de Velde (Pomrad, J. Bernard, Mauro Pawlowski...) and drummer Lander Gyselinck (STUFF., BeraadGeslagen, LABtrio...) met in a Brussels basement just before the 2020 lockdown, which they ultimately spent together through symbiotic jam sessions, letting their joint passion for glitzy synths and 90s dance inspire a search for the ultimate late night experience. Their bouncy fever dreams of an imaginary nightclub called Biskolom resulted in a series of under the radar, more or less authorized concerts proving a general thirst for fierce beats, melancholy angelic chants, carnivals and tropical shores.

In the spring of 2022 (meaning now!) they will release their first album, which entails concerts. Take a trip to their glittering 3D pixie fantasy full of shaggy smokescreens, slimy aliens and grimy, bouncy trolls. A place to enjoy their unique positive-schizo sound in which chicago juke, Detroit techno, UK-funky and a lot of jazzy improv come together, a sound being described as - get ready - doombient, fusilli rave, night bop, post nudism rave, confusi-trance, sophisti-rave, elevator music for connoisseurs, jazzy wine tasting for ravers - like combining your Saturday night's fever with next day's cosy brunch.


Dushime is a multifaceted human being who has always viewed the art of performing and making music as a healing process where one can truly come to their purest form. Her purpose is to create a space of sounds that generate light to connect one another. this young singer of Rwandan origin has an unique voice that carries you away with an energy that is both powerful and soothing.


photo Lander & Adriaan by Tina Herbots