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Pauline L. Boulba & Aminata Labor — JJ


Pauline L. Boulba & Aminata Labor — JJ

film conversation
SA 21.09 20:30 + talk

Join the New York journey to Jill Johnston's life as a dance critic, radical lesbian and performer.

JJ, Pauline L. Boulba & Aminata Labor, France, 2023

71 min
in English and French, French subs 

JJ follows Ami and Popo's journey to New York during the spring of 2022. Retracing the footsteps of Jill Johnston (1929-2010), the two lesbian researchers meet people who knew Jill as a dance critic, radical lesbian and performer. The many facets of Jill Johnston provide access to lesbian legacies, the role of lesbians in art, and bodies in activist spaces.


Pauline L. Boulba is a dance performer and researcher based in France. Her work focuses on the analysis of artworks, queer and feminist practices, and the role of emotions in dance. Since 2015, she has created several pieces, including the cycle 'La langue brisée', 'As Buffard As Possible' and 'Ôno Sensatio'. She regularly works as a dramaturg on artists' projects and as a teacher for art school students.

Aminata Labor is a performer and researcher. Her work is deeply intertwined with political reflections rooted in intersectional experiences and practices. Under the pseudonym "arg," she dedicates herself to drawing, and she also practices dance, merging her artistic and theoretical insights.

Together, they engaged in work around Jill Johnston. J.J. is the name of this research that resulted in a performance, a book, and a film created between 2022 and 2024. Together, they form the rap band called "La Femme".