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Horse Lords + CV & JAB + Baxua


Horse Lords + CV & JAB + Baxua

SA 18.03.2023 22:00

22:00 doors
22:30 CV&JAB 
23:30 Horse Lords
00:45 Baxua
3:00 end 

Yeehaw, the frenetic rock riders from Baltimore are back! Horse Lords come to present their fifth record, Comradely Objects, and it sounds, as (un)usual, like a near-mathematical chaos of groovy guitars, relentless drums, a loose saxophone, sneaky bass and swirling keyboards. A polyrhythmic feast / utopia / revolution / playground / patchwork / artwork / manifesto in which political and musical ideas are greedily teased out and then reassembled in a slightly offensive and heavily infectious manner.

When the quartet were unable to perform or rehearse live in 2020, they delved even deeper into their layered way of composing by sending each other samples and taking turns reworking them, including with digital instruments. You can hear the result in tracks like Mess Mend, which sound almost like country-style surf rock before suddenly turning out to be about rave culture. Will the future be a collective wild ecstasy after all?

CV & JAB is the duo of Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett, two composers currently based between Brussels and Greece. Together the pair have released two full-length collaborative albums as CV & JAB - 2018’s Thoughts of a Dot As It Travels a Surface (Shelter Press) and 2020’s Landscape Architecture (Editions Basilic), as well as a third self-titled album along with minimalist pianist Michael Harrison (2022, Seance Centre). The duo’s collaborative work is characterized by lucid, sometimes highly surreal soundscapes, utilizing synthesizers and experimental electronics, piano, flute, and field recordings. The duo will present new material from a forthcoming album.

Baxua (they/them) started doing radio three years ago with a monthly show called "This is everything" hosted by Thf Radio in Berlin. The show is a broad selection of music that explores multiple genres such as dub, spoken word, new wave, synth-pop and post-punk. It sometimes focuses on different styles and universes without musical barriers. They've exported their selections on other radio stations with quick passages on Noods, Radio Sofa, and more recently on Kiosk radio. Their curiosity for every kind of music brought them to explore other genres such as bass music, jungle, UK garage, breakbeat, and to start a residency with their friend Wavey Cuts on Radio Sofa. They are also freshly resident on Radio Vacarme with a show called Changing Measures focusing on experimental, electronic, and club music produced by labels, artists, and collectives based outside of Europe.