Dusk Party w/ OKO DJ, Aroh DJ, Donia & Kamoun

Winter wonder weirdness.

SA 16.12.2023 16:00 - 22:00

15:00 doors & bar 
16:00 Donia & Kamoun 
18:00 OKO DJ 
20:00 Aroh DJ


In her sets, OKO DJ aims at exploring connections rather than divisions, dishing out distinctively rich, genre-busting tapestries that transcend all limitative roles. As a producer, artist and energetic healer, she is a master at channeling surrounding energies and forces in her art with unrestrained panache and authenticity.



Aroh dj
In a club context his musical style is wide-ranging, flirting with the outskirts of Wave, Techno and Rave but always transfusing them into a solid package destined to make the crowd move. Not to be pinned down in a corner or genre but with his eyes always on the prize, Aroh brings a selection of tunes deeply rooted in the archive of the subterranean music catalogues. He is part of Kontakt Group.



Donia & Kamoun
As founders of the Brussels based label Sketchy Lines Records, Donia and Kamoun roam the streets on the lookout for percussion-loaded and bass-heavy sonics.  Kamoun’s electrifying mix is a well done entanglement of Oriental-inspired beats and rhythms, with an array of eclectic sounds and polyrhythmic structures. Donia has been described as your local dopamine dealer, stretching genres until they lose their ego, allowing you to focus on your inner dance.




picture OKO DJ by Philippe Levy
picture Aroh DJ by Jonas Reubens

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