Erika Balsom presents Blind Spot/Voyage à Lyon by Claudia von Alemann

Following the footsteps of a 19th-century feminist, a young historian explores Lyon with a cassette recorder.

film, conversation
SA 28.10.2023 20:00

Elisabeth, a young historian, travels to Lyon, where the socialist and feminist Flora Tristan was active in the 19th century. Following in her footsteps, Elisabeth wanders through the old town. Using a small cassette recorder, she tries to reconstruct the sounds Flora must have observed, revealing the layers of history in sounds and noises, in faces and facades. A history professor tries to lead her back to the paths of academic study, but she remains determined to break free from all academic rigidity and, searching for time past, discovers her own contemporary reality and that of the city of Lyon.

1981, 112 minutes
in French with English subtitles

followed by a talk with Erika Balsom and Anouk De Clercq

in collaboration with Monokino, Ostend

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