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[S]cores of Our Narratives Jamika Ajalon + Sophye Soliveau + Farida Amadou & Rik Chaubet

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[S]cores of Our Narratives Jamika Ajalon + Sophye Soliveau + Farida Amadou & Rik Chaubet

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SA 11.05 20:00

Three sound performances and concerts expand the imaginal world of Eden Tinto Collins’ exhibition 'Roaming the Imaginal'.

Eden Tinto Collin's exhibition is drawing to its close. Alone or with loved ones, we hope that the portal deployed to try to gain perspective on these elements of language linking technology and spirituality will have refreshed your relationship with the virtual as much as necessary. 

To continue and extend this imaginary itinerary, in territories shaped by black, diasporic and quantum experience, - [S]cores of our Narratives - invites three artists whose souls act by propagating their vibratory waves.

We'll sail aboard the incantatory rock spheres of Jamika Ajalon, followed by Sophye Soliveau's initiatory R&B tale. Finally, we'll savor the unaltering joy of high-frequency improvisation orchestrated by Farida Amadou. 


Audiovisual performance

Skye Papers Panoptic explores the connections between surveillance culture, memory, and narrative, using samples from Jamika Ajalon’s novel, Skye Papers, an audiovisual projection, spoken text and live sonics. The novel employs mixed genres to address the surveillance effect on counterculture in the 90s.

Jamika Ajalon is an interdisciplinary artist, author, musician, and filmmaker. She has created several experimental short films and documentaries, and her debut novel Skye Papers (2021, Feminist Press) was published in numerous anthologies and journals such as Speculative City and Lit Hub. Her poetry and lyrics have been featured in over a dozen albums, including the newly released Rebooted (Jamika & the Argonauts 2022). Most recently, she completed an experimental sonic poetry EP, "Fugitive" (2022), based on her book of poetry Take Back The Narrative (published in 2017). Collaborating with acclaimed artists, she served as an interpreter/performer with Ali Cherri on his Venice Biennale award-winning piece Of Men and Gods and Mud (2022) and as a dialogue writer on Shu Lea Cheng's recently released film UKI (2023). In recent years (2020/21), her single-screen sonic video “Alchemy of Cuts”  was featured in the Witches Expo at the Arts Centre of Contemporary Arts Centre, Berlin. Jamika has also been delivering audio-visual performative lectures she calls "Anti Lectures" for over a decade. 



Sophye Soliveau is a singer, harpist and choirmaster. From her journey, punctuated by states of being, by experiences where the spirit vanishes, she has gained knowledge. From her deported roots, from the vertigo of existence, she has crafted resistance through lightness. A burst of space to intoxicate her senses. She has extended her body into sonic territory, into that of the harp and its precision, which she has moulded into more soulful soil, to water her own R'n'B path. Her first album, INITIATION, was born of the diversion that feeds her improvisations, her search for healing and her apprenticeship to freedom. 

22:30 FARIDA AMADOU & RIK CHAUBET, Synchronisations

Audiovisual concert

In 2021 an improvised live set by Farida Amadou was filmed with a multicam setup of 3 camera’s. Out of this footage, editor-director Rik Chaubet cut a film in which he synchronized his editing-mindset with the mindset of Farida playing. Now, almost 3 years later, Farida will play an improvised duet with her younger self from the film. While she performs live, her recorded improvisation will be accompanying her on the screen. This is a film screening and a live performance; a synchronization of sounds and images from the past and the present. And once more, the concert will again be documented with a similar multicam setup, which will result in yet another film-record.


Visual by Eden Tinto Collins