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Montage + Kavir w/ Different Fountains, Koray, Ewa Awe


Montage + Kavir w/ Different Fountains, Koray, Ewa Awe

SA 22.02.2020 22:00

To celebrate the release of MONTAGE's next compilation, "Urgent Music vol. II: Assemblage", they're teaming up with KAVIR for a special night. Bringing together ambient, avant-garde club and visual arts, this night will sure be a journey.

22:00 - 05:00

Koray Kantarcıoğlu (TR)
As Koray features twice on MONTAGE's Urgent Music vol. II, it seemed no more than logical to invite him for a set on the releaseparty. Working both in visual arts and in music, the Turkish Koray Kantarcıoğlu will be presenting caretaker-esque edits of 60's and 70's Turkish music. By looping, cutting up and layering effects on his source material, Koray turns these popular records into haunted and frail collages. In 2016 he released an album full of this magic on Wounded Wolf Press, which later got reissued on the lovely Discrepant. He'll be bringing a show with visuals.

Different Fountains (VE/AT)
Fastidious students of social history, Different Fountains pay veneration in sound and performance to last century’s Surrealist anti-heroes. Musical collage, projection, poetry, dance... any and all of these might take place in live assemblages uncharacteristic of the contemporary electronic music scene. With their label Different Fountains Editions, so too are new postcodes established in the territories contested by Tribal, House, Electro, Pop, Ambient and Techno. One half of them will be performing a special DJ-set for this occasion.

Ewa Awe (PL/UK)
Ewa Awe is a Polish multidisciplinary artist based in London, where she's lately been stirring up the underground. She works in graphics, print and sound. She sets to blending genres in order to bring about narrative shifts, resulting in an ever-changing sound. She defines it herself as "dark-smooth-nrg". Some more ethereal downtempo can be found on her Threads radio shows with Aircode, titled Airawe.

Daisy Darkpark (BE)
Femke Fredrix adopts the alter ego of Daisy Darkpark and invites you to join her into an industrial-electronic dream. For this event she'll be bringing a special hybrid liveshow mixing her favourite tracks with her own party flavours. Be prepared to get lost in her dark and otherworldly realm.

Kavir DJ's: De Zoon B2B Losse Veter (BE)
Known for their eclectic selections ranging from John Beltran to obscure youtube video rips of dopeheads cooking crack, the Kavir DJ-team will be opening the evening with a back to back. Expect everything between UK bass and avant-garde noise to warm you up for the night.

crat (BE)
Part of Kavir and MONTAGE. Anything between hardcore, kuduru, electro and juke. Anarchy on the dancefloor!

Lukas Claessens will provide a visual installation in the theme of the compilation.


Graphic design by Victor Geldhof. Background image by Lukas Claessens.