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audiovisual performance dj set
FR 12.05.2023 19:30

A spring gathering about sonic experience.

Friday's programme at Beursschouwburg

Katatonic Silentio & Olimpia Fortuni present "X" (dance performance)
Rojin Sharafi x Épong (AV live)
Mika Oki (dj set AV)

Visual by La Brigade Cynophile


Rojin Sharafi x Épong (AV live)

This collaborative A/V show is a musical journey that merges hardcore club aesthetics with the sound of delicate acoustic instruments and spoken words.

Rojin Sharafi is a Tehran-born, Vienna-based sound artist and composer. Épong is a Belgian producer and sound designer. Both combine rugged breakbeats and industrial sounds with gently indulgent melodies; hardness and delicacy are not contradictory for them. On their journey to the moon, they orbit the tension between matter and myth: for, as Freud already knew, there is no free proliferation of fantasy without the "entrenched rocks" of reality.

Starting from a collective residency, Rojin Sharafi and Épong come together every 3-4 years and explore their musical stand, expertise and aesthetics via improvising and producing. Coming from both similar and different musical backgrounds and experiencing alterations in their tastes via time makes this collaboration absorbing.

The visuals are made by Jonathan Cant, an artist and researcher from the MONTAGE music label in Brussels. For this live show, he focused on combining mythical and scientific approaches to moonlight. Using different digital methods, he likes to design playful systems that interweave the visuals with the musical production in a generative way. Shifting between hyperrealism and full abstraction, the visuals rely heavily on the recent developments in real-time rendering through game engines.

Commissioned by VIERNULVIER & donaufestival