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Fatoosan invites Ruby Savage & Chima Isaaro


Fatoosan invites Ruby Savage & Chima Isaaro

FR 10.03.2023 22:00 #womensrightsweek

Freedom, healing, peace and power in music.

18:00 TALK

"My new party concept is about inviting 2 passionate DJs who match in a certain way and to connect them. A talk will also take place on the same day to discuss particular topics related to them. For the first edition, I'm inviting London based music and culture curator, Brownswood Recordings' former art director, radio host and DJ, RUBY SAUVAGE ando ur queen CHIMA ISAARO who moved from Brussels to Lissabon. They are similar in their dedication to Black music and in the way they perform and feel on stage. From the start you can instantly feel the freedom, their joyful energy and the will to connect people together through music." — Fatsoosan


Ruby Savage
Raised on a mantra of “freedom, healing, peace and power in music,” Ruby Savage is a London based Music and Culture Curator who brings a special kind of affirmative energy to the project she gets involved with. Ruby has a BA in Production Design at the Dutch Film & Television Academy and an MA in Photography and Urban Culture at Goldsmiths University + a stellar dance floor track record granting her a unique compass that lets her connect the spiritual dots between music, culture, community and art. 

In music Ruby has worked with record labels Honest Jon’s and Sound Signature and founded Wildheart Recordings. Her stewardship as label manager at Brownswood Recordings has been instrumental to the label’s growing success by taking charge of the label’s creative direction earning her a Best Art Vinyl nomination in 2020. She’s also a radio host and DJ at clubs and festivals around the world. 

At the tail end of 2020 she launched Artist Recovery Club, in response to the pandemic’s effect on creative communities leaving peers lost for inspiration, connection and hope. The club facilitates creative healing, artistic discovery and support through an online course built on cult classic self-help book The Artist’s Way. It’s since become a platform for independent minds to connect, inspire, and unblock their inner artist. In 2021 Ruby co-curated The Future Happened an online exhibition for MODA - Museum of Design Atlanta (USA) taking an instrumental role in the concept and curation of the project which set out to present the intersection of art and design as a means to create change in the world. Hand-picking two dozen projects for the exhibition, giving shape to a deeply emotive design and ethics narrative. Ruby is also the creator of Don’t Be A Creep - an arts initiative that spreads a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment in music and nightlife culture through poster and installation campaigns.

Chima Isaaro

Even before she started DJing, Chima Isaaro was always a music lover, learning as much about the art of selection in the family home and later on the dancefloor as she did behind the decks. As comfortable selecting Boogie and R&B as House music, her sets have been heard across Europe from her birthplace of Belgium to her second homeland of Portugal, and internationally on renowned platforms like Boiler Room, NTS, and Quântica.  Regardless of what she chooses to play, the emphasis throughout her set is a sense of soulfulness; every track she selects is a reminder of dance music’s Black origins and a call to let loose and have fun.