Work Hard / Play Hard

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In October and November 2013 Beursschouwburg concentrates its attention once more on a single specific focus programme: Work Hard / Play Hard. For two complete months we are searching out the absurdity and playfulness into everyday work situations. You can expect an extensive film programme, (inter)national performance artists, music, a Céline Berger solo exhibition and an impressive installation trail by our associated artists from L’Amicale de Production, for the young and not-so-young!

We’ll be delving into the business world and identifying the office aesthetics which prompt efficient working, rigid management methods and ditto language and turning business norms and conventions upside down (office work resembles a game of Monopoly!). We’ll be looking for the poetry in meeting rooms and cubicles. Finally, we’ll be taking a look at the flip side of the capitalistic system and introducing a successor: post-capitalism.

During the 2012 – 2013 season we started the first of the focus programmes, which is a coherent programme spread over 2 – 3 months, in which a specific topic, oeuvre, artist, movement or style is examined in-depth and unravelled.