Beursschouwburg wishes to share these words by a collective of Iranian artist women based in Belgium.

"The world is witnessing a strong movement led by women in Iran ignited by the rage at the murder of #Mahsaamini. Her marginalised, controlled and oppressed body became the symbol of resistance against gender apartheid and compulsory hijab. At this crucial time in which the voice of people in Iran is shut down by the internet blackout and the silence of international media, the number of murders, tortures and arrests is massively increasing. As a collective of Iranian artist women, we feel the urge to support this intersectional feminist movement and to call upon your solidarity with it to raise the international awareness of this ongoing terror and repression. On this matter, we unite to accentuate our voices and mobilise our resources.

We kindly invite activists, artists, academics, journalists and whoever believes in freedom and equality beyond borders to stand in solidarity with Iranian people and to #beourvoice."

Co-written by a collective of Iranian artist women based in Belgium.

image by Roshi Rouzbehani

Donate to Iran

Beursschouwburg will pass on proceeds from the December 1, 2 and 3 bar to Iran through DONATE TO IRAN, a group of volunteers from all over the world who want to support Iran's revolution by using (access to the) the internet as a primary tool for raising awareness.

When you buy tickets online, you can contribute by adding a few extra bucks to your purchase.

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