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21 January 2017. On this historic day, cities were flooded with countless participants in the Women’s Marches. Streets swarmed with pussy hats (pink bonnets with cat's ears), many accompanied by protest signs with unmistakable slogans: ‘Pussy Grabs Back!’ ‘Queers Revolt!’ ‘Black Lives Matter!’ ‘Make Empathy Great Again!’ ‘Women's Rights Are Human Rights!’ ‘Refugees Welcome!’

Under the loose banner of feminism, a single, huge opposition came together, a gathering of all possible tenors and minority groups. It became an inclusive march for a broadly supported feminist struggle. The themes spoke volumes: immigration, abortion, racism, the environment, inequality, head coverings, patriarchy…

Since that January day, ‘the future is female’ no longer (a slogan from the 1970s that was popular amongst lesbian separatists and was later greedily adopted by popular feminism). From now on, we say The Future Is Feminist, a slogan that was frequently spotted during the Women’s Marches. Feminism consequently comes into high gear, from political platform to brand identity to political platform.

This focus programme aims to provide a handhold in the confusion of interpretations and opinions within feminism. We investigate the term ‘intersectionality’ and research how many layers are embraced by that banner. Or indeed, how many banners there are for the same content. We will be looking at the (female) body, at its objectification, its representation in the media, the complexities and the pleasures. We will be rethinking the two-part concept of man/woman, and give space to post-binary and queer feminism.  

Everyone is welcome to our self-declared intersection, in the heart of the city. It is our open forum and safe space. A place where you can search for meaning and find like-minded feminist souls. And not to be forgotten: a place where you can make a misser or a well-placed dance step. IT WILL BE A GREAT BIG FEMINIST PARTY!