BHM x BAM The intersectionalities of the BLM support marches and uprisings in the Lowlands
online talk
TH 18.03.2021 19:00

The BLM support marches and uprisings in the Netherlands and Belgium this past June 2020 were organized and/or pushed by a lot of Black People who are Women and/or Queer. Historically, these same branches of Black communities got the political movement for Black Liberation ahead by putting their energy and livelihood on the line to then be pushed aside when it comes to demanding real political change for the other identities that intersect with their Blackness. How can the aftermath of the uprisings be used to push for a more intersectional common movement? How can the movement truly be contextualized in Belgium and The Netherlands?

With Ange Amina Nahimana, Naomie Pieter & Bettina Guigui

The talk will be moderated by Rainbow Nation Brussels’ co-founders Eric Cyuzuzo & Rachael Moore.

In English

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A collaboration of Black History Month Belgium, Black Achievement Month, Rainbow nation Brussels and Beursschouwburg