Meltheads + Shaka Shams + Roufaida — Thank Us Later


Meltheads + Shaka Shams + Roufaida — Thank Us Later

concerts screening
WE 15.02.2023 19:00

"On a mission to show you the best artists, liveshows, records and stuff around. Or at least what we think is best."

19:00 doors
19:15 docu "Stier & Schorpioen"
20:00 Roufaida
20:45 Shaka Shams
21:30 Meltheads

"These hungry wolves storm a stage as if they were about to play the last show of their lives."

Shaka Shams
"Always in between, barely fitting in. Shaka always felt like a lone wolf."

Roufaida (NL)
"Her warm voice first sets you off in the wrong direction, then she pulls you into the dark."

Screening: Stier & Schorpioen, presented by Canvas
"This docu by Jaan Stevens & Rik De Bruycker shows the birth of an adventurous album, but above all that of an intense friendship between Lander Gyselinck & Zwangere Guy."

Hosted by Martha