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Adler Murada Reader/Rideaux


Adler Murada Reader/Rideaux

27 NOV 2023 — 24 JAN

Adler Murada proposes an intervention in the space and texture of the beurscafé/slowcafé, conjuring up a layered narrative made of words, archival traces and retraced images. Echoing his film, this textile work taps into complex histories of migration, displacement and uprooting through an observation of communities of parakeet birds in Brussels. Through forms of speculative fiction, the artist uses the fluid surface of a curtain to map out the lives and trajectories of those birds who were initially brought to the city to be exposed during Brussels’ 1958 Universal Exhibition, then made their way (and home) in today’s (sub)urban parks.

Adler Murada (BR) is a Brazilian artist and cultural worker living in Brussels. His works combine installation, text, and performance, creating intimate spaces to channel body heat and warm ideas. Proceeding through a constellation of images, collections, and stories, his practice establishes transdisciplinary approaches around memory, translation, and fiction to question dominant historical narratives. In the past few years, he has been researching the implications and unfoldings of coloniality through historical acts involving feral species, with a particular focus on parakeets, through text, film, and fictional work. With a background as a journalist and programmer, he holds a master’s degree in visual arts from ERG/Brussels and was part of the training program for artists and curators of the Museu de Arte de São Paulo - PIMASP. He has presented work at CWB Paris, Bozar, CCStrombeek, Komplot, SESC(BR), KUIR BOGOTA, and other international venues.


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