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FR 26.04 20:00

Bert Dockx wil bring three more first-rate musicians to 'improvise' in complete jazz-rock-noise-ambient freedom.

Ottla may be the jazziest project of beursschouwbuddy Bert Dockx, but the term 'jazz quartet' does not quite apply. Named after a bird mentioned in Kafka's letters to his sister, Ottla stands for (the quest for) freedom. What started as an occasional ensemble became a musical outlet while Dockx was coping with severe back problems, before evolving from a theatre collab into an experimental improv quartet, playing wonderfully intoxicating blends of jazz, rock, noise and ambient, with an unexpectedly high dose of electronica thrown in the mix. In other words: four first-rate musicians playing in total freedom. Material from previous albums is given a new, energetic twist – especially on a steaming live stage – so a voyage of discovery awaits both loyal Dockx fans and new jazz birds. Can you imagine?



image Ottla | Alex Schuurbiers