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Permanent Questions Public discussion concerning 'Prejudice'

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Two of democracy's core values are equity and justice, yet both are vulnerable to prejudice. To better understand prejudice's impact on everyday decisions, whether institutional or personal, Permanent Questions (Charlotte Van Buylaere and Sue Spaid) are presenting discussion sessions conducted by local scholars whose research addresses prejudice's impact on art and society.

Permanent Questions facilitates forums where participants feel free and safe to discuss otherwise sensitive issues. Prior to discussions, relevant texts will be posted to Beursschouwburg's website so participants can familiarize themselves with the topic at hand. Questioners will be rewarded with a free drink! 

► We 8.02 - 18h to 20h

On Stereotyping, implicit bias and our responsibility.

by Katrien Schaubroeck

► We 8.03 - 18h to 20h

On Prejudices in Art Criticism

by Tom Viaene

► We 29.03 - 18h to 20h

What do people infer from social comparisons? Bridges between social comparison and person perception.

by Vera Hoorens