Nobody's Indiscipline Sauna Never Dry
WE 06.03 17:00 - 22:00
TH 07.03 17:00 - 22:00
FR 08.03 17:00 - 22:00
SA 09.03 17:00 - 22:00
Come together in and around the sauna to question norms of care, eroticism and intimacy. This is a warm space for rest and support that welcomes a different artist collective each night to propose a shared activity.  



A 4-day sauna pass costs 8 euros. If you struggle financially, contact and we will provide you with a free pass.


You can stay as long as you want and come as many times as you want until we reach maximum capacity.


The sauna can host 4 people at a time. While waiting for the sauna, you can have a drink at the bar, hang out on the terrace and meet the initiators Sara and Seba.


Please bring towels and slippers. There is a cold shower on the rooftop.


You can participate without using the sauna and only attend the artistic programme.



'Sauna Never Dry' is a community and nomadic project, constituting itself entirely for what it says it is: a wooden room containing the instrumentation to obtain dry air at high temperature. In the sauna you will find an electric stove, stones, a bucket of water, a ladle, hourglass and a thermometer: a sealed environment in which to bring the naked body to a boil in close proximity to other bodies.


'Sauna Never Dry' has become the winter excuse to gather people, share practices, discussions and conversations, and to grow a queer and decolonial community around that space, questioning what words like care, erotic and intimacy still mean in the context of wealthy exclusive capitals of the Western world. From here we offer space to whoever needs to experiment a form of gathering or feels the necessity to reinforce community practices reconnecting with old and new traditions. This is a space of rest and cuddles for oppressed subjectivities, fighters needing this space to counterbalance discrimination in public space, for mutual support and interdependence.


Each evening, around 19:00, there will be an artistic programme happening around the sauna.




Nobody's Indiscipline is an open-source multi disciplinary platform for the sharing of artistic practices in the Performing Arts. It exists to create space for lateral exchange, outside of the economies of workshops (wherein the information is generally unidirectional) and creations (which are usually supported via single authors and pieces). It is a format in which artists can meet on equal grounds to share our practical tools and knowledge, to inspire and feed each other, to foster the proliferation of information and thereby support each other's work and the general advancement of the field. Diversity is a criterion in our gatherings, in order to create a catalytic environment where friction between different ways of working and thinking can support the discovery of new forms and expansion of each participant’s own artistic horizons.


A project in the frame of Nobody's Indiscipline curated by Sara Leghissa and Sebastiano Lorenza Pala.