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Noannaos-night Susobrino DJ set + Pippin + Audri


Noannaos-night Susobrino DJ set + Pippin + Audri

FR 21.02.2020 20:30

Noannaos (no-one-knows) and their event first above the ground. 

Noannaos (no-one-knows) is a collective formed by Ashley Morgan, Pippin and Susobrino that aims to bring forward thinking music and introduce new types of events. The sound of noannaos is a progressive fusion of experimental electronic music, ethnic influences and hip-hop with a continuous search for new sounds and eagerness to cross different gen@res.

20:30 - 03:00

He's Indiana Jones. More like Indiana Juan. Susobrino will take you on an adventurous journey to find the gems of South American, African and all other ethnical music combined with electronic productions that have a perfect understanding of world rhythms. It is picante and it will voodoo your body. Refréscate antes de quemarte.

Ashley Morgan
After uploading his beats on Soundcloud under his alter ego LTGL, everything just took off by itself, quicker than he or anyone anticipated. However he wasn’t satisfied with his work so he dropped everything to focus on his creative development. After focussing on developing his music for 2 years he is releasing new work under his own name.

Pippin became a household name as an experimental music producer after winning Champion Sound 2015. From heavy offbeat rhythms to calm melodic landscapes, Pippin's versatile sound pallet creates a mesmerizing effect. Expect some otherworldly music influenced by masterminds such as Flying lotus and Arca.



Ashley Morgan (feat. special guest)


Cookie b2b Mambele

Danielle Flieswasser presents 'Forbidden Conversations'

Martha Da'ro

Nina Muñoz presents 'La Ave'

Other Robots

Pippin live AV

Susobrino DJ