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Mostafa Derkaoui De quelques événements sans signification


Mostafa Derkaoui De quelques événements sans signification

FR 23.02 19:00

Fearless Moroccan New Wave to the sounds of free jazz. Lost for 45 years, now beautifully restored.

'De quelques événements sans signification' is a miraculous work: a major film shown only once in 1974 in Paris before being censored, only to be re-released 45 years later at the 2019 Berlinale. The film was restored from a print found by Léa Morin at the Cinémathèque de Catalogne, and is now enjoying a new lease of life through the work of passionate archivists. The resulting book offers an in-depth look at the film's history and the people involved in this movement, who suffered a major setback during those dark years.

The screening is programmed by Mustapha Bandini, who will be speaking with Léa Morin after the film (conversation in French).

The book will be on sale in the foyer of the Beursschouwburg on the evening of the screening.


Mostafa Derkaoui, ‘De quelques événements sans signification’, 1974, 76 min., Arabic ST FR, EN
A team of filmmakers looking for a story ask young people in Casablanca about their expectations and their relationship with Moroccan cinema. When they witness the unintentional killing by a dissatisfied port worker of his boss, they decide to look into this particular case.


‘De quelques événements sans signification à reconstituer’ (book + DVD)
This book presents Léa Morin's research into Moroccan filmmaker Mostafa Derkaoui's first and long unseen film, ‘De quelques événements sans signification’ (1974), leading to its recent restoration and international release.


A graduate of La Fémis, Léa Morin worked for the Cinémathèque de Tanger for several years before dedicating herself to the restoration and promotion of North African filmmakers such as Mostafa Derkaoui. She has curated a number of events linked to Arab cinema, including the book ‘De quelques événements sans signification’, a reconstruction of the film's journey.


Mustapha Bandini is a socio-cultural worker, scriptwriter and film buff from Brussels, born in Morocco in 1980. He has a passion for cinema and is keen to help a wider audience discover little-known or forgotten gems. He previously organised a meeting on Ahmed Bouanani's book ‘La 7ème porte’ in the presence of Bouanani's daughter Touda at Espace Magh (Brussels).



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