Sandar Tun Tun Minor Noise

An installation that taps into things that go unnoticed but settle in the body and leave imprints in aural memory.

sound composition
TH 21.09.2023 17:00 - 23:00
FR 22.09.2023 13:00 - 21:00
SA 23.09.2023 13:00 - 21:00

“that in which we live, leftovers and heritage,
toxic or fertile, aural reminiscence with an a
all those things that stay in the ear,
all those things that we can’t grasp but we keep
the sonic imprint”

Sandar Tun Tun proposes sonic gestures that weave their way through a variety of relationships and spaces encountered within collaborations and collective ventures. They initially composed Minor Noise in the frame of to “The Fire Next Time”, an ensemble of works and practices brought together by Mawena Yehouessi and Rosanna Puyol (Villa Arson, 2023). All three chapters of Minor Noise tap into things that we hear but don’t necessarily make sense of. Things that go unnoticed but still settle in the body and leave imprints in aural memory.

Sandar summons up minor notes as a way to reinstate what is secondary, insignificant, marginal, lesser or subsidiary in a context of transmission/connection. This appeal to sounds that are not quite (t)here, but whose embrace we feel all around us, constitutes the raw material of Minor Noise. A type of sound that speaks the language of desire, awakening a sense of melancholic longing. Combining hand-made samples with sounds of breath, cries, and spoken words, the artist gathers leftovers of the noise that surrounds, traverses and makes us: “Le bruit de fond, le fond du monde (the background noise, at the bottom of the world)”.

20 minutes
in loop

Sandar Tun Tun build their work around fabulation, new alliances and collaborative trajectories. Artist, researcher, DJ and composer, they develop a sonic, spatial and performative practice focused on listeningas a critical and sensitive responsiveness. Drawing on music social space and its transgressive perspectives their projects explore ways of reverence or interversion to inhabit dissonance, fragmentation and noise. Their research focuses on the modalities of transmission within aural cultures and engineered narratives, the space of appearance/disappearance, the relationship between technology and spirituality, non-human ecologies and collective consciousness and often leads to the experimentation of languages, strategies and co-composition processes ranging from the creation of entities to the organisation of events, study groups or sonic poetry evenings. 


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