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Katja & Birit Haarla Starting from Staring


Katja & Birit Haarla Starting from Staring

dance dj set
TU 21.06.2022 20:30

In the frame of Art & Land - EU-Sámi week in Brussels.

How to meet without any intention? Allowing the kinship to be enough, as its own, is a primary Sámi value. This is the indigenous ground for the fight against the exploitation of natural resources and of culture. 

What if you wouldn’t leave any trace of human activity behind, any material of your own? 

These two are starting from staring. A state of being that is nothingness, intense nothingness. Ephemeral, like it is to be as a human being. 

A start without talking. Locking the eyes, dragging the gaze along. Reaching the other one. Creating suspense - or is that suspicion? Waiting for something to move. Reacting, intimidating, discovering playfulness. Somehow important, somehow tensed. Leaving.

Landing somewhere else. What is it? A glimpse of the past? A concentration of excitement? A soft fight? A soft fight.

duration: 60 min 


Čiske Jovsset Biret Hánsa Outi Biret (Birit Haarla) and Čiske Jovsset Biret Hánsa Outi Gáddjá (Katja Haarla) are both dancers and performers coming from Dalvadas, Ohcejohka, the Finnish side of Sápmi. They graduated from the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in 2019 and are currently studying their final year in P.A.R.T.S. Birit and Katja have made several collaborations together, for example with visual artist Marja Helander on an award winning short film Eatnanvuloš Lottit, Sundance Film Festival 2018, with visual artist Outi Pieski on a video installation Guhte Gullá, Helsinki Biennale 2021. They are currently working with theater director Pauliina Feodoroff on a performance Matriarch for the Sámi Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2022. They were nominated as the Young Artists of the Year 2021 by the Riddu Riđđu indigenous art festival.

concept & performance: Birit Haarla, Katja Haarla
dramaturgical assistance: Antoine Dupuy-Larbre 
sound: Nicholas Francett 
vocals: Katarina Barruk 
recording and mixing of vocals: Arnljot Nordvik
light design: Meri Ekola
With the support of The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, Saami Council, Suoma Sámi Nuorat and Riddu Riđđu Festival.

22:00 Savza dj-set (rooftop)

Sámi house artist from Unjárga (NO), comes to Brussels from the frigid north to bring some fire to the dancefloor with strong basslines and crisp beats. Free entry!

Savza is a Sámi house artist, straight out of the northern parts of Norway, bringing his roots into the mix. Savza aims to mix together indigenous elements into modern house music, while wearing a Sámi inspired venetian mask, to further add mystery to his persona. Savza's flame of passion for what you could call "club Music" was ignited in his youth, and while spending countless of hours listening to the perfect synth melodies in his everyday life, he decided to make some of his own. Savza thrives on the scene and has traveled from the cold north to bring some heat on the dancefloor, with some heavy basslines and sharp beats in Brussels.


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