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Eitan Efrat & Daniel Mann The Magic Mountain


Eitan Efrat & Daniel Mann The Magic Mountain

film screening
WE 12.02.2020 20:30 avant-premiere

A film that burrows deep underground in search of unofficial histories, peculiar beliefs and distinctive modes of knowing the world. Followed by an informal talk between the directors Eitan Efrat and Daniel Mann and film scholar Sonja Simonyi.

The Magic Mountain mines humanity’s insatiable desire to extract natural resources from the ground. In doing so it uncovers different modes of knowing, sensing and seeing the world.

Eitan Efrat’s artistic practice – consisting of video, film, installation and painting – focuses on the performative aspects of the moving image. Daniel Mann is a London-based filmmaker and writer, currently completing a PhD on image warfare and the integration of habitual media into armed conflict. Sonja Simonyi researches the history of film and visual culture in socialist Eastern Europe, focusing on both experimental and popular cinemas.

German, Polish spoken, English subs