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Eartheater + Tristan


Eartheater + Tristan

SA 10.11.2018 22:00

Electro poetry to shake your gut.

In her newest album, IRISIRI (produced by PAN, the provocative Berlin recording studio), the New York musician and a choreographer Alexandra Drewchin explores the limits of musical language. Classical composition and impulsive electronica are at the same time and erotic joy and existential torment. She refuses to make concessions to expectations that the female voice should sound beautiful and harmonious. The flexibility of her elastic body and her extremely multifaceted voice (a range of three octaves!) she sets to produce a performance that crawls deep under your skin.

TRISTAN solo try-out
The latest music project from our up-and-coming ambient-pop princess (who answers to name of Isolde Van Den Bulcke) is awash with dark synths and dreamy vocals. Just the thing to get you in the mood for the rest of the evening.