Darwin Deez + Uma Chine
WE 25.05 19:30

Poppy indie candy.

19:30 doors
20:00 Uma Chine
20:40 Darwin Deez
22:00 end

Darwin Deez found his musical home in the anti-folk underbelly of hipster Brooklyn. He’s been signed to the British label Lucky Number. Expect a set consisting of honey-sweet vocals, bittersweet lyrics, poppy grooves and lo-fi electronica. Just get over here and shake your ass like it’s 2009!


Belgian dream pop band Uma Chine craft unusually bewitching music. The band has two albums under its belt - the debut self-titled (2019) and Changes (2021). Uma Chine being at the forefront of the Belgian alternative scene comes partly thanks to frontwoman and principal composer Nele De Gussem (before part of BRNS, Maya's Moving Castle and Future Old People Are Wizards). But it's in Uma Chine you hear an artist embarking on their most personal work to date (whilst conceding that the idea of the self is perhaps an egoistic social construct, and that truly divine ideas pass through you). De Gussem will be accompanied by enigmatic co-singers Rana and Sherien Holail Mohamed.