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Come Together
Black Box Screenings Come Together

Black Box Screenings Come Together

16 SEP — 17 DEC 2016
In loop from We - Sa: noon - 10pm

Let's watch together!

We are living in a time when ‘being connected’ is being served up to us, prepared in advance as never before. As the idea of ‘distance’ grows ever more relative and we increasingly meet one another there where our written words touch and our images meet. In an age when love and pain have never before been shared so openly and so frequently, what do the words 'coming together' still mean?

What and where are ‘we’? Are we where ‘here' and ‘there’ touch and overlap? Are we in physical space? In our memories? In our ideas? Collective identity influences individual identity, but where does the one or the other begin? Where is it that they liberate and limit one another? We are indignant about the current state of affairs in our society, but what does the collective sound of our disgruntled voices sound like? What role does art play in this, and do we not all make up of part of the cosmos? These are some of the many questions that will arise in our Black Box screenings this fall. Let's come together!!

Text: Margot Mot

► Wednesday’s at 8 pm, we organise a collective viewing session. We invite an expert to introduce the film and serve some fingerfood. Feet under the table, eyes on the screen!

We 21.09 - 18:00 (!) - Pieter Geenen mirador
We 28.09 - 20:00 - Anton Vidokle The Communist Revolution Was Caused by the Sun
We 19.10 - 20:00 - Ane Hjort Guttu Time Passes
We 26.10 - 20:00 - Emanuel Almborg The Majority Never Has Right On Its Side
We 16.11 - 20:00 - Melanie Bonajo Night Soil/Economy of Love
We 30.11 - 20:00 - Ericka Beckman You The Better