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Another Dancer + Aymeric de Tapol


Another Dancer + Aymeric de Tapol

FR 19.01 20:00

An evening of imagined nostalgia and hypnotic compositions.

20:00 Aymeric de Tapol
21:00 Another Dancer


Another Dancer
Lo-fi pop from Brussels conjuring up belated teen angst, frenetic social awkwardness and imaginairy suburbia nostalgia.


Aymeric de Tapol practices field recording and experimental music. He regularly collaborates with independent radio and performance artists, as part of the Cancellled duo and the p-node radio collective. For the past 3 years, he has focused his listening to a cluster of analogue signals, analysing its archaic pattern, and composing hypnotic music for modular synthesiser. His sound production has been released by independent labels such as Tanuki, Angström, Vlek, Lexi Disques, Tanzprocesz, TTT and knotwilg records.