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Alex Reynolds & Alma Söderberg La mano que canta


Alex Reynolds & Alma Söderberg La mano que canta

film BE premiere
TH 03.02.2022 20:30

A voice says ‘bird’ and a bird appears in the eye, when only a second ago it was a hand, or a tree, or a whistle.

Sounds of the manual extraction of cork are coaxed into music by a singing hand. Meanwhile, words in Spanish and English are traded on a rooftop, from one friend's mouth to another. The Hand that Sings attempts a sensorial resistance to fixity and hierarchy in order to remain all eyes and ears, attentive to detail and transformation. 

La mano que canta [The Hand that Sings]
22' 43"
in Spanish & English

followed by an aftertalk with Alex Reynolds and Alma Söderberg

check out this conversation between Alex Reynolds & Alma Söderberg around their film.


Choreographer Alma Söderberg and filmmaker Alex Reynolds met in Brussels in 2016. Since then, their practices are intertwined. Although they work in different fields they share an obsession for the tension between the aural and the visual and its political, ethical, and aesthetic implications. They think about background and foreground, and about how listening is a tool to move into the depths of seeing.

17:00 beurscafé open
20:30 film
21:00 aftertalk

co-produced by: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao / Kunstencentrum BUDA / The Art Academy, Bergen - Social Acoustics: Communities in Movement / IAC Malmö, Swedish Arts Grants Council