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10Y Goûte Mes Disques Prince Waly + Venlo + Keeni


10Y Goûte Mes Disques Prince Waly + Venlo + Keeni

TH 13.12.2018 20:00

When the ultimate music geeks decide to throw an independent rap night, we say YES!

Brussels' best organized music geek ensemble is ten years old! Public service for cultural information Goûte Mes Disques is first, and foremost, an online music magazine. It is a self-proclaimed Michelin Guide for three-star recordings and concerts in and around Belgium, always waaayyyyy ahead of the crowd. This music-loving gang of audio connoisseurs is giving a smash of a birthday party – an entire evening of independent rap!

Prince Waly, the underground mayor of Montreuil, is coming to introduce his first solo record. Venlo, an upcoming Belgian marvel, mesmerizes the stage with his nonchalance and not-quite-quiet flow as the evening's number two. To close (read: total breakdown) comes GMD, with their glamorous yet experimental Keeni and his deliciously heavy TR-808 beats. An absolutely brilliant b-day bash – and everyone is invited!