Bâtard 2015, Closing the space between us
Bâtard Day 3: Oneka von Schrader, Roel Heremans, Stijn Demeulenaere, Dounia Mahammed, Ola Maciejewska, Metahaven & Dittrich / Frydetzki / Dreit / Flegel / Froelicher / Grief / Melzer / Worpenberg


Bâtard Day 3: Oneka von Schrader, Roel Heremans, Stijn Demeulenaere, Dounia Mahammed, Ola Maciejewska, Metahaven & Dittrich / Frydetzki / Dreit / Flegel / Froelicher / Grief / Melzer / Worpenberg

SA 05.12.2015 18:00

Stijn Demeulenaere – Nothing’s going to happen to us

Nothing’s going to happen to us... is an installation in which video and sound collide. It investigates how our perceptions of an armed conflict relate to a lived reality. For Nothing’s going to happen to us... Stijn interviewed people who had spent some time in contemporary conflict zones, and talked with them about the sounds they heard, and the emotions those sounds evoked. From these interviews he took one story and asked some sound designers with a lot of experience in designing the sound for action movies, to tell him how they would design the sound for this particular scene. By confronting these two perspectives Nothing’s going to happen to us... wants to research the no man’s land between imagined emotions on the one hand and real memories on the other.

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound-artist, a radio maker and searching musician. He holds degrees in sociology, cultural studies and studied radio at the RITS school of arts. Stijn was the curator and producer of the free form radio show ‘Radio Eliot’ on Radio Scorpio. He worked as an editor for Jan Fabre and worked as a journalist for Belgian national radio stations Klara and Radio 1 and for the independent radio station Radio K Centrale in Bologna, Italy. He was a founding member of the improvisation collective Karen Eliot.

Roel Heremans – Duet A

Duet Ais an imaginationary choreography for two. Through headphones the participants are given the assignment to close their eyes and imagine specific situations. These mental constructions vary from abstract to very personal. The combination of this imaginationary trip with the spatial composition, constructed by the participants moving around, creates a game of introspection, reflection and projection. In this work the personal reconstruction and perception of time and space (and their connection) are central.

Roel Heremans started this artistic research and reflection after a severe accident he was in and of which he does not remember anything. Only by bringing together the declarations of the witnesses he could imagine what precisely happened. It seemed as if our brain could function as a nest in which reality, fantasy, observations, memories, information, truth or fiction live together and sometimes even intermingle.

Oneka Von Schräder – A fish in a wolf-workshop

Oneka von Schrader presents a contemplative performance which invites us to look inside. ‘Entertainment’ is the subject of her research: “There is where it goes wrong. Too much entertainment makes people depressed. Exhaustion is the only way left to let everything go. But entertainment can also lead to introspection, to a discovery of what is latently present in ourselves.” A fish I a wolf is a musical, contemplative performance where the borders between the internal and external world are blurred.

Oneka von Schräder writes songs, makes videos and dance-performances. In 2015 she graduated at SNDO. She developed her work in close collaboration with designer Rosemarie Allaert.

► Credits:
from & with Oneka von Schrader
design & costums: Rosemarie Allaert
advice: Lisa Skwirblies, Felix Ritter & Bruno Listopad

Dounia Mahammed – Salut Copain

Dounia Mahammed (Brussels) finished her studies at KASK Ghent in 2015. Her interests go to social problems, philosophical reflections and the beauty of the everyday. She participates in different short films, theatre performances and plays music. Salut Copain is her graduation project with which she won the Horlait Dapsens price.
Salut Copain is a sober, intimate solo. An encounter between the mind of Daniil Charms, Paul Auster and her own writings. Through the absurd, this performance tries to touch the real and reaches out for a larger context through seemingly insignificant everyday things. A narrative about taking care, living together. A search for something that is stronger than what makes us drift apart. A monologue longing to be a dialogue.

Ola Maciejewska - Loie Fuller

Ola Maciejewska is a Polish choreographer and performer who lives and works in Paris and the Netherlands. She did dance academy at Bytom and Rotterdam and studied dance theory and dance dramaturgy at the University of Utrecht. Next to performing in the works of Philippe Quesne, Bojan Djardjev and others, she also creates her own work.

Ola shows two performances: TEKTON Thursday the 3rd and LOIE FULLER Saturday the 5th.

Loie Fuller is the result of a practice-based research during her studies in dance theory and dance dramaturgy at the university of Utrecht. Inspired by the relation between the sculptor (human) and the sculpture (non– human), the workout deals with material agency of the human body and the agency of the artefact in their continuous relation similar to the act of sculpting.

Performance: Ola Maciejewska
Artistic collaboration: Judith Schoneveld
Commissioned by TENT Rotterdam / NL
With support of ZEEBELT THEATRE / NL

Metahaven – City Rising

Metahaven is the research and design praxis of Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden based in Amsterdam. Metahaven's work - both commissioned and self-directed - reflects political and social issues in graphic design objects and media. In addition to international presentation of design and research projects, Metahaven has published numerous essays such as ‘Uncorporate Identity’, a design anthology for our dystopian age.

Metahaven’s City Rising is an homage to Constant Nieuwenhuys’s ‘New Babylon’; a utopian architectural project based on the idea of an alternative, fully automated society in which human labour has become unnecessary. The video is an exploration of the conditions of life, work, and intimacy under neoliberalism. City Rising uses the architectural models of Constant’s ‘New Babylon’ as its backdrop while proposing that through constant networked communication and the integration of work into every part of life, love is the most binding contract founded on mutual debt.

► Credits:
Metahaven, 2014.
Filmed, directed and designed by Metahaven.
Models by Constant Nieuwenhuys.
Words by Brian Kuan Wood.

Dittrich / Frydetzki / Dreit / Flegel / Froelicher / Grief / Melzer / Worpenberg - Schichten

Adele Dittrich Frydetzki, Kristina Dreit, Marten Flegel, Anna Froelicher, Charlotte Grief, Manuel Melzer and Felix Worpenberg studied applied theatre and cultural theory at the University of Hildesheim where they met each other at the beginning of their studies. They work together on performances and curatorial projects since 2011.

Schichten “Welcome. Tonight’s performance is a performance about erratic rocks. Thanks to glaciers, these huge stony blocks were spread all over the surface of the world during the last ice age. In the performance we have to imagine things that are technically not imaginable. It won’t always be clear in which time we find ourselves in tonight: Whether this is a future far away, or a remote past we cannot remember anymore. One minute could feel like a thousand layers.”

Concept and Performance: Adele Dittrich Frydetzki, Kristina Dreit, Marten Flegel, Anna Froelicher, Manuel Melzer
Scenography: Niklaus Bein
Sounddesign: Nicolas Schneider
Production and dramaturgical assistance: Hannah Pfurtscheller, Felix Worpenberg
Coproduced by Treibstoff Theatertage Basel 2015
With support of: DOMS Stiftung, Futurum Stiftung, Jubiläumsstiftung der Basellandschaftlichen Kantonalbank

Schedule Day 3:
Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek presents:
►18:00 — 19:00:
Roel Heremans: Duet A (White Cube)
Stijn Demeulenaere: Nothing’s going to happen to us ... (Blackbox)
►19:00 — 20:00:
Oneka von Schrader: A fish in a wolf-workshop (Zilveren zaal)

Bâtard presents:
►20:00 — 23:00 (Gouden zaal)
Dounia Mahammed: Salut Copain
Metahaven: City Rising
Dittrich Frydetzki / Dreit / Flegel / Froelicher / Grief / Melzer / Worpenberg: Schichten