Subjectieve Avond van Brussel
TH 20.09.2018 20:00

Experience the radicality and critical love we all share for Brussels — and be the first one to get a Subjective altas of Brussels.

During the Subjective Evening of Brussels the new Subjective Atlas of Brussels will be presented on a unique and vibrant way. 9 ‘Brusseleirs' who have contributed to this Subjective Atlas will share with you their personal views on the capital of Belgium. They will take the stage and present their experience of one of the most diverse and challenging capitals in the world. What are their urgencies? How do they define Brussels?

A Subjective Atlas attempts to show an alternative, disarming and dynamic image of a particular country, region or city. This editions is mapping Brussels by more then 80 designers, artists and other creative minds. By asking them to map their environment in a personal way, a surprising look arises of this particular metropole. The focus is on personal experience, intuitive perspective, inclusiveness and multiplicity of culture. It is about the dynamics of a cultural environment.

Since 2003 a series of subjective atlases have been carried out in collaboration with international cultural platforms and their creative network. Participating individuals and groups are making meaningful contributions to the discourse around cultural image formation, in a creative and sensitive yet critical way. They serve as a humanist response to the increasing simplification of the political debate and the complacency of power.

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