Self-Healing Caring for Black Hair, Skin and Bodies [postponed/cancelled]
TU 24.03.2020 19:00

w/ Black History Month Belgium

This Black History Month Belgium's theme, The Roots of our Health, signifies going deep into what makes our bodies health, which includes caring the right way about our melanated skin, nurturing healthy hair from the root and treating your body to healing rituals, especially when you know the cultural significance our hair, skin and bodies.

This evening will be all about learning about how to best care for and heal our bodies, skin and hair, through the teachings of Black individuals who have successfully made it the focus of their personal business venture.

They will talk about the ingredients that are important for their products, specifically for Black People, keeping in mind the diversity of our hair, skin and body types. They will also take us through the evolution of their own body-, hair- and skincare routines, while growing up Black in different context.

They will each have some of their products with them to sell to the attendees.

w/ Black History Month Belgium