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Parvin Saljoughi


Parvin Saljoughi


Parvin Saljoughi, whose artistic career encompasses choreography, dance, and performance art, continually explores the boundaries of her artistic expression. Her work delves into the essence of the political body, vulnerability, power dynamics, uncertain presence, and societal invisibility. Her pursuit involves unveiling the hidden forces within the visible, transcending mere external appearances.

In 2023, Parvin was a scholar at the International Forum of the Berliner Festspiele Berlin and has received support and co-production opportunities from Flash Art, Live Works VOL.07, Bâtard, and Tashweesh festival. She has also participated in artist residencies at PACT Zollverein, Beursschouwburg, workspace Brussels, and Centrale Fies. 

Parvin has collaborated with artists such as Wen Hui, Serafine1369, Hooman Sharifi, Cherish Menzo, Claudia Castellucci, and others. In 2021, she interned with Damaged Goods company. She holds a master’s degree in Choreography from (ISAC) Brussels, having previously studied visual arts in Tehran. 

Originally from Tehran, Parvin Saljoughi currently resides in Brussels. During her residency at Beursschouwburg, she is exploring new material for an upcoming work.