Big Joanie
TH 20.02 20:00

Feminist punk sisters from London’s vibrant DIY scene.

Stephanie Phillips, Chardine Taylor-Stone and Estella Adeyeri started rehearsing together in London in 2013. Their tried-and-tested setup of guitar-bass-drums afforded them the creative space in which to hammer out their unique, contemporary contribution to black punk history: Big Joanie. A number of months later the band played their first gig as part of the showcase event First Timers. Since then they’ve become a fixture of the lively London DIY scene, having put out their first EP and a few self-released singles. In 2018 Big Joanie met with former Sonic Youth frontman Thurston Moore, who wasted no time in offering them a record contract with his new label The Daydream Library Series the very next day. Their debut LP "Sistahs" followed that same year, a record exploring friendship, melancholy and memories, with hope for the future.

Outside of the band, the three members maintain strong ties with the community: from co-organising Decolonise Fest (festival for punks of colour) to coaching new talent with Girls Rock London and launching the Stop Rainbow Racism campaign, which combats racism at LGBT venues. All activities, releases and projects by Big Joanie serve the same message: black feminism is alive, kicking and punk-dancing.

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