Work Hard / Play Hard
Johan Lorbeer Proletarisches Wandbild
FR 04.10.2013 21:30 - 23:30
SA 05.10.2013 21:30 - 23:30

Johan Lorbeer plays with the usual laws of gravity, while forcing himself to watch idly.

When we think of street sweepers, we imagine boys and girls clutching a broom with feet firmly on the ground. Johan Lorbeer turns the world upside down. The German performance artist likes to keep things at a slow pace. He allows himself to be suspended at a height for a long time, either as a worker or street sweeper, in a position that can be considered unusual, where he is immobile*.

Lorbeer's living sculptures (human still lifes) attempt to broaden our view of the world. He lifts the street sweeper from his day-to-day existence, while freezing time and our gaze. We drop what we're doing and stare at the man on the wall as if paralysed.

  • immobile: being forced to watch idly

Concept, performance: Johan Lorbeer