how to relate
Short films in loop

Short films in loop

FR 03.03 19:00 - 22:00
SA 04.03 14:00 - 19:00

In our tiniest space you can watch films by Lucie Martin, Dimitri Reist and Toshie Takeuch

FR 03.03
19.00 - 19.39 DEMEURE by Lucie Martins
19.42 - 20.35 THE MUSIC IS THE MAKING OF THE MUSIC by Dimitri Reist
20.38 - 21.15 A HOUSE PLACED IN BETWEEN by Toshi Takeuchi

SA 04.03
14.00 - 14.39 DEMEURE by Lucie Martins
14.42 - 15.35 THE MUSIC IS THE MAKING OF THE MUSIC by Dimitri Reist
15.38 - 16.15 A HOUSE PLACED IN BETWEEN by Toshi Takeuchi
16.35 - 17.14 DEMEURE by Lucie Martins
17.17 - 18.10 THE MUSIC IS THE MAKING OF THE MUSIC by Dimitri Reist
18.13 - 18.50 A HOUSE PLACED IN BETWEEN by Toshi Takeuchi

Departing from the practice and ongoing research project Landing On Feathers - Rehearsing the not yet which is a collaboration between Jija Sohn, Aleksandra Lemm and Julia Reist, the trio has collected different readings, testimonies and interviews with a diversity of people they encountered during their process. Looking for the multiple realities and relations we all have with care to ourselves or others, these encounters unfold a landscape of strategies, approaches and understanding of the notion of care.

The selection of short films that will be on view and loop, complement this archive visually - proposing another visual, poetic and narrative layer to the entire programme and its central subjects of how we relate today. 


DEMEURE, Lucie Martin, 39'
The home, a very intimate space where we store our belonging and secrets. A private place where we are protected by simply closing the door. Here, however, there are few personal items and the door is open. On the threshold, a man.
An ongoing conversation about a design practice grounded in co-existence. The video is a research elaborating on questions of responsibility and value-making, while creating space for voices and stories of others. Talking becomes a collective practice, shaping an awareness. By voicing things that usually stay inside, we begin to collectively empower ourselves to talk about common dreams and how to shape (possible) realities.
A HOUSE PLACED IN BETWEEN, Toshie Takeuch, 37'
Poetry in the comfortable grey zone. The film is based on Takeuchi’s performative research, that through re-enactment, explores the different perspectives and narratives in and around the occupied embassy. The film is a contemplative reflection of the “protected” artists living in this ambiguous grey zone, while questioning the colonial legacy that was and is still embedded in today’s political system and our perceptions.
Part of How To Relate, a programme by Julia Reist in collaboration with the project Landing on Feathers by Jija Sohn and Aleksandra Lemm. With special thanks to SoundImageCulture.