Interdependence in the music and nightlife sector w/ AB
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WE 05.05.2021 19:00

Noonah Eze aka DJ Black Mamba discusses with Marianne Cattoir aka Catwar, Ziggy Devriendt aka Nosedrip and Arne Huysmans from VOLTA how the sector can strive towards a more equitable, inclusive, fair and sustainable collective ecosystem.

Professionals from different key positions of the music and nightlife sector (booking, label, PR, programming, radio, venue) will come together to discuss how they interact in the grand scheme of a sector that has made all of them interdependent. They will discuss the different dynamics of power and exchange that have made the industry what it is today, and how the different actors of the sector can collaborate to strive towards a more equitable, inclusive, fair and sustainable collective ecosystem.

The conversation will be in Dutch and moderated by Noonah Eze aka DJ Black Mamba.


NOONAH EZE (Black Mamba)
Brussels based Black Mamba is a dj/producer who strives to bring a new vibe to Belgian nightlife with a bold mix of hip hop and global club sounds. Mamba debuted on national radio station Studio Brussel with a hip hop show called Hooray, but quickly expanded beyond the label, landing her a self-titled show in which she fuses the latest trap and grime bangers with bass, percs and rhythms. Every week she connects with guests including the best of Belgium's rap game, and like-minded international producers and deejays. She’s a regular guest on other platforms as her mixes are featured on BBC Radio 1 Asian Network, Cashmere Radio, Kiosk, Lowup radio,... In 2019, Mamba launched her own party concept Mo Mamba where she shares the decks with deejays who inspire her artistically, helping her to push boundaries of club music. Since then Mamba invited Mina, Bambii, Jubilee, Branko, Conducta, DJ Slow, AHADADREAM, DTM Funk, Le Motel, Faisal and many more. Her annual summer snake season brought Mamba to festivals like Best Kept Secret, Listen!, Lowlands, Couleur Café and ADE. She’s also tour dj for upcoming rap-talent Miss Angel & currently holds a 6th place in Red Bull Elektropedia, the official Belgian DJ Top 100.

During her years of professional experience in PR and production for the art & theatre world, Marianne Cattoir started a side career as a part of the female DJ duo Catwar & Lilihell. Passion turned into profession pretty quickly with bookings for Dour, All Eyes On Hip Hop, Les Ardentes, Lokerse Feesten, Couleur Café, Dour… and a series of own nightlife concepts. Soon after that, Kurious - the booking agency representing Catwar & Lilihell - asked Marianne to join the team as a booker, she represented acts like Rachel Green, DJ Vega, JazzDee, Bibi Seck and Yooth. In 2019, Marianne joined the Five Oh team as the bilingual force, working as a PR manager for projects such as  Boiler Room, Listen! Festival, Horst or artists such as Frenetik, Lous and the Yakuza, Flume, Meyy, L’Or du Commun…

Ziggy Devriendt aka Nosedrip hails from Ostend, Belgium’s most beautiful coastal town. In the space of just a few years, Ziggy’s made a name for himself with the persistence and focus of a kid that wants to prove all his bullies wrong. From running a regular ambient show on his Mixcloud-page, which has a staggering 30.000+ followers, he went on to launch The platform caused quite some waves in the online radio community because of its unique mixture of oddball playlists and distinctive aesthetics. In 2016, his radio show moved to NTS and turned into a record label focusing on heritage, with Ziggy spitting out killer archival releases from the likes of Alain Neffe, Jan Van den broeke, Vazz and latvian avant-gardists NSRD. As a Dj, Nosedrip – probably the only dj with just water on his rider – sets moods like no-one else and leaves dancefloors gasping for breath everywhere he goes.

Arne Huysmans (1990), born in Mariana (Brazil), founded Brussels music center VOLTA in 2018. Since its creation, he has been its general and artistic director and set up several projects that have contributed to a broad support and development of the Brussels music sector. During his career, Arne worked with key players such as Ancienne Belgique, VI.BE, Beursschouwburg, Decoratelier and BOZAR. Arne moved from Brazil to Belgium at a young age and grew up in Brussels, where he studied music at the Royal Conservatory. As a musician, he experienced firsthand the need for space and support for musicians in his hometown. At the same time, he discovered his love for the facilitating and production side of the music industry and decided to look for an answer to this need himself. This resulted in the creation of VOLTA, a music center where musicians are supported in making their careers sustainable and professional.

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