Shadi Habib Allah Dag’aa
looped screening
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With no clear destination, Shadi Habib Allah takes us on a disconcerting journey of discovery, through inhospitable places far from the inhabited world.

Shadi Habib Allah embarks on an unlikely journey near gunpoint across the heavily militarized Sinai Peninsula in Egypt led by a network of Bedouin smugglers, who navigate an unmapped terrain. The only signposts are the stories they share about the stakes of living, dying, and moving through this mysterious space. Anecdotes transition into directions and allegiances are blurred, as is the state of the Bedouins, who remain unrecognized citizens of this no man’s land.

Their navigation tactics, a formation of discipline of movement and coordination developed by necessity to evade military patrols, mirrors the militarized mentality of the Egyptian army. These desert outliers who quietly continue their lineage with the help of snakes.