Bijnazomerburg, almostsummerburg, almost-été-burg.

Dear letter readers,

IT'S HAPPENING. Our neighbors' terraces have finally reopened! The most asked question (by far) remains: WHAT ABOUT THE BEURS ROOFTOP???

June 2. While you're warming up in the neighborhood, we'll be thinking and building and working to get the rooftop fresh and ready for a summer à la Beurs <3

So prepare to summer inside and on top of Beursschouwburg! Performances will be served in the gouden zaal, the expos (yes, plural) will run at summer time and we are about to start our first soundcheck on the ground floor...

Meanwhile, you can already visit the first Are We There Yet? summer expo: Chapter 4: Sold by say-hi-to Ève Chabanon.


Your B.