Beyond the momentum #HijabisFightBack


Beyond the momentum #HijabisFightBack

TH 16.12.2021 19:00

To learn from their past and reflect on their future, we continue the conversations and actions of the #HijabisFightBack movement, beyond the momentum.

SInce the Covis-19 outbreak several anti-racist and decolonial movements were born or gaining traction. These movements were experiencing a momentum: an increased mobilisation and collective awareness thanks to uprisings driven in part by the interconnectivity of social networks and hashtags – one of their most efficient tools. The movements were reaching the global stage as well as in the local context of Belgium and Brussels: from #BlackLivesMatter to #FreePalestine, and #HijabisFightBack to #StopAsianHate.

Now, as the outside world strives to regain some kind of (new) normalcy, Beyond The Momentum aims to continue the conversations and actions of these social justice movements through a series of talks and gatherings; to learn from their past and reflect on their future, beyond the momentum.

The Beyond The Momentum conversation on #HijabisFightBack will explore the movement’s achievements and its potential for the future. In particular, the conversation will focus on the return to physical presence in academic life and administrations and how this had been addressed from the outset by students and administrative workers who wear headscarves, connecting the movement to other social justice actions through intersectional identities.

In English

Speakers: Halima Moussaddaq & Philsan Osman

Moderated by Fatima-Zohra Ait El Maâti

18:30 doors
19:00 talk